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Elevate your health effortlessly

add flavour and nutrients with local microgreens and herbs

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Our microgreens makes wellness a seamless part of your busy lifestyle.

Turn mealtime chaos into culinary triumph with our Harvest Box subscription. Fresh, diverse microgreens delivered weekly for meals that win every time!


Say goodbye to meal time monotony

Our rotating microgreen varieties ensure every meal is a flavorful and healthy packed with nutrients

In the harvest box you will get


"Your microgreens are the best, I put them on every single meal!"


"Your microgreens are so fresh and last so long in the fridge!"


“My husband and daughter eat them right out of the box as a snack!”

- Subscribe and Save -

Get 30% Off

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Conveniently delivered to you

We service Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Mississauga, Guelph and Georgetown.

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Get to Know Us

We started this farm as a husband and wife duo because we both had limited diets due to the health issues we were dealing with. We were enjoying them so much we wanted to share with the greater community.

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