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Eating healthy just got easier

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Everyday Micros Microgreens Harvest Box

Best Sellers

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Our Harvest Box

You get


2 micro vegetables

Our farm grows over 20+ varieties of micro vegetables ensuring you have an easy way to boost your daily nutrition


1 micro herb

Dive into a world of flavour with our diverse micro herbs selection. Your culinary game is about to get upgraded


1 micros mix

Simplify meal prep without compromising nutrition. Our mixes are ready to go blends you can add on to meals.

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Conveniently delivered to you

We deliver microgreens to Milton, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga area straight from our farm to your table all year round.

Elevate your health effortlessly

A simple yet powerful way to boost your daily nutrition. Toss these microgreens on top of all your meals with ease.

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More nutrients, less prep time

Unlock a powerhouse of nutrients effortlessly! Our microgreens ensure you and your family get the essential vitamins and minerals they need, turning meals into health-packed delights.

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Our Clients Say

"It's simply the best. I can't imagine my meals now without your microgreens!"

Fatima, Oakville

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Eat Fresh Today

Transform dinner chaos into culinary triumph with our microgreens. Unparalleled freshness delivered straight to your doorstep, turning every meal into a nutritious masterpiece!

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