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Everyday Micros Farm Box

Healthy meals, minimal effort with local microgreens

Eating healthy can be overwhelming, we're here to make that easier

These mixes are a fun and easy way to add a burst of flavor and a rainbow of nutrients to your meals. Every box is a surprise, packed with fresh greens that make healthy eating exciting and effortless.

In the farm box you get

Each box includes 2 different micro vegetables, 1 micro herb, and 1 nutrient-packed mix to supercharge your meals. Perfect for health enthusiasts and those with health concerns, our fresh microgreens make it easy to enjoy delicious, nutritious meals every day.

2 micro vegetables

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1 micro herb

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1 micro mix

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With our harvest box, you’ll receive a variety of microgreen mixes and combinations each week, carefully curated to offer a delightful and nutritious experience.

Up to 10 different vegetables in one delivery

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Get the most nutrients possible by eating a variety of vegetabls delivered to your door in Burlington, Oakville, Milton, and Mississauga

Conveniently delivered to you

All of our vegetables are grown in Burlington, Ontario

Our farm boxes offer custom microgreen mixes packed with maximum nutrition, helping you create healthy meals quickly and easily. Perfect for anyone committed to healthy living or needing a convenient way to support their health.

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Make every bite healthier

Tiny but mighty! Microgreens can be up to 40x the nutrients, packed with antioxidants and vitamins. They supercharge your health in every bite!

Transform your meals effortlessly

Our farm box has custom mixes packed with nutrition and ready to sprinkle on salads, blend into smoothies or top your favourite dishes. Enjoy quick, healthy and delicious meals every night with ease.

- Embrace a Healthier Lifestyle -

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Welcome to our family farm

We're Nicholas and Zee

We're a husband and wife duo with a passion for healthy living, and we're dedicated to helping you find easy ways to live a healthier life. Our microgreens are nurtured with utmost care and dedication, ensuring you get the freshest, most nutritious greens for your busy lifestyle. Join us on our journey to make healthy eating simple, delicious, and accessible for everyone. From our family to yours, we’re here to support your health with the best local microgreens.

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