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Take a look through our most asked questions

  • Do you use pesticides?
    No we do not use any.
  • What are microgreens?
    Microgreens are the young version of vegetables we typically see at the store, know and love! Older than a sprout and younger than a mature vegetable, they are packed with flavour and nutrients. They are often known to be easier on digestion.
  • How many different vegetables, herbs and edible flowers do you grow?
    Currently we grow over 20+ varieties of vegetables, herbs and edible flowers all year round.
  • Tell me more about your farm
    We grow our microgreens in our indoor vertical farm. The farm is climate controlled, uses minimal electricity and water
  • Why do you grow microgreens?
    Our goal at Everyday Micros is to help people take the first step towards a healthier lifestyle a little bit easier and more delicious!
  • How did you start your farm?
    Two years ago, we initially started to grow microgreens just for ourselves because it was an easy way to add in extra nutrients and flavour to our meals while we were dealing with food restrictions due to health issues. We were enjoying them in all of our meals so much, we started sharing with family, then friends and eventually the greater community.
  • Can I change my order?
    Yes, please give us 48 hour notice prior to your delivery date to accommodate any changes you require. Contact Nicholas at (647) 281-4275.
  • Do you deliver to my area?
    We deliver to Milton, Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Mississauga, and Toronto area.
  • Do you have a return policy
    We want to make sure you enjoy every microgreens delivery. Please speak with one of our team members if there is something that you need.
  • Do you deliver to restaurants and caterers?
    Yes! We love supporting local chefs. Contact us for restaurant/ chef exclusive offerings and pricing.
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