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Meal Prepping with Microgreens

It's getting busier for us through out the week and we noticed we were spending a lot of time trying to figure out what to eat for lunch and dinner. By the time we were done cooking and cleaning, it was time for bed! We are giving meal prepping another go to see if we can have the week we want without sacrificing our health. Best part is you know we're tossing a bunch of microgreens on top of all of our meals. Less chopping for us, but still keep the flavour!3 Quick Ways to Get Started

1. Pick 3 protein sources – For us this week it was ground beef, salmon and chicken thighs. 2 of them would cook in the oven while one we cooked on the stove top to maximize efficiency

2. Pick 2 carbohydrate sources – We choose short grain white rice and sweet potato. Cooked both in the instant pot while the protein was cooking

3. Pick any microgreens to put on top – Save time chopping vegetables by tossing microgreens on top of your portioned meals once it's cooled down. This is how we add flavour to our meals

The more practice you get in getting the basics right, the sooner you can explore other creative ways like different oils and spice combinations to keep things interesting.

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