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Chicken Salad Sandwich with Sunflower Microgreens

I have to say sunflower microgreens really are the MVP when they are in sandwiches or on top of toast. They add this fresh crunch and nutty flavour that compliments a lot of the sandwich combinations we like to make. This past weekend, I was looking in the fridge and assessing whether I could make something interesting to eat with all the leftover chicken breast I had from earlier in the week. Nothing is worse than having plain leftovers when you know with a little extra creativity you might've been able to make a meal a little more enjoyable.

So I thought of chicken salad sandwich because I haven't had it in a while. Now this chicken salad recipe is very standard and very "make do with what's in the fridge and pantry"and not inventive in the slightest but the magic of sunflower microgreens, I was pleasantly surprised. I just chopped up some bacon wrapped chicken breast, added in celery, mayo, salt, pepper and garlic powder. After I mixed it, I toasted rye bread and added on the sunflower microgreens. I pile it on because I like the freshness to balance out the rich mayo. Plus have I mentioned enough times the crunch is amazing?


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