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Elevate Your Charcuterie Boards with Microgreens

Too often, we're rushing running around getting errands done or hoping we've defrosted meat to cook quickly after dinner. When we have time, we're on the hunt for ways to truly enjoy our food and make it an event.

Charcuterie Board with kale, mustard and cabbage microgreens.

We're striving to find ways to create moments with our food we can gather and enjoy together, not scarfed down in minutes while heading out the door. When we do that, we love making charcuterie boards. Bring out a nice serving platter, spend time preparing it and enjoy it with loved ones with good conversation. Good news is if you're reading this and thinking you're out of your mind thinking I'm going to spend an extra minute in the kitchen than I need to, a charcuterie board can be put together so quickly too if you need it! We just happen to love food and cooking.

Charcuterie Board with kale, mustard and cabbage microgreens.

Microgreen Recommended Pairings

Mustard mix is a crowd pleaser and one of our customer favourites

Cabbage microgreens is great for a pop of colour

Arugula adds a bitter kick, goes great with brie and prosciutto 

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